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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

Year 7 netball success

Match report written by Sophie Tavener - Year 7 Netball captain.

Chesham Grammar School arrived at Holmer Green Senior School with their game faces on you could tell they were ready to beat us.  


They had first centre pass but eventually one of our amazing players intercepted the ball.  Our defence had brought the ball up to our semi-circle and we got a goal.  The game lasted a long time, by then we had been 4-0 up.  Sadly we lost the ball and they scored a goal, this meant that the score was now 4-1.  We started to get worried but we brushed it off and scored another 3 goals it was now 7-1.  They scored another 2 goals which then meant that it was 7-3.  Time had passed and it was now the second and final quarter and our amazing defence brought the ball up AGAIN!  We had managed to score another 2 goals in time before the whistle blew.  This meant that Holmer Green beat Chesham Grammar with an amazing score of 9-3.  We found out that Taylor Hadley and Sophie Tavener both got player of the match, we are very happy with how we achieved this win and thanks to Mrs Edward for training us on Wednesday after school.