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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

Open Evening - A student's perspective!

Open Evening was an enormous success this year, with a huge number of visitors.

During Open Evening the Hall was packed for both speeches with Year 5s and 6s, along with their parents, all eagerly listening to what the Headteacher and the five speakers had to say. The whole Evening as a whole was a success due to the extensive help from current students from Holmer Green Senior School. Students helped with tours, helped teachers in classrooms, and helped direct car parking, allowing the evening to run as smoothly as possible. Their help has been notably commended.

Being part of the Speeches that occurred on the evening was hard work!  I can say that a lot of effort was put in place weeks prior to Open Evening. The five speakers (3 Year 7’s along with the Head Boy and Head Girl) all wrote and learnt their own speeches. Their speeches allowed for a student’s personal view on the school, with the Year 7’s only being at the school for several weeks, giving their raw view on the school as they settle in and with the Head Boy and Head Girl giving their views and experiences of the school, as they had been here for 7 years. This therefore showed the visitors how the school aims to shape and make their students into rounded individuals. These speeches gave an insight for all visitors into what Holmer Green is about and what the aims of the school are, showing that exams are not everything.

The Open Evening not only allowed visitors to see the school and walk around it, but also picture themselves at the school, and whether or not they feel like they would fit in with the school environment. It was a highly successful evening with in excess of 1000 visitors.

Sophie Miller

Head Girl