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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School


The annual trip for Music students to Woodroow was again hugely successful.  See what our students have to say below:

It was a memorable trip as some of the year 11 gang are leaving this year. This was our fourth trip to Woodrow together. We all had a fantastic trip'.

Laura How 


Woodrow is always one of my favourite trips of the year. It is such a great weekend to bond and let off steam. 

Melissa Brodie


Woodrow is a great experience for all years, helping everyone bond together, the activities are a great distraction from school and we get to work on something we enjoy  - Music. 

Lucy Deanus


I have been to Woodrow for the last 5 years now and this was my last time. It was a great time with the music department where I have made many friends. I will miss it a lot next year.

Katie Cherry


My last Woodrow trip will be one of the most positive memories I have of my time at HGSS. I loved every second. 

Hugo Abbott


Woodrow was an exciting and memorable time and I am so glad that I went. One of the highlights of music at School! 

Mike Salem