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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

A Journey Through Year 7

A brilliant poem written by one of our Year 7 students during lockdown!

A Journey Through Year 7


The sign outside displayed the name

In letters blue and gold,

The buildings stood at different heights,

A mix of new and old.


As I walked freshly through the gate,

I felt extremely scared,

I didn’t know my way around,

And hoped that someone cared.


To join Year 7 from Year 6,

Was full of hope and fear,

Three miles away but such a trip,

The difference very clear.


My HGSS uniform

To this world was my passport,

And my best friend from primary

Was there to give support.


On that first day, we did a hunt

For treasure, our way to find,

We also learnt school’s motto, which

Is “Work hard and be kind”.


My Form Tutor and Head of Year

Helped me along the way,

Before too long, my worries had

Become much more at bay.


My handwriting could sometimes be

A little hard to read,

So SEN gave me an AlphaSmart

That helped me with my speed.


I learnt a lot in new subjects,

The teachers showed me how,

No-one is called a child at school,

We are all students now.


I even made a few new friends,

And joined the Choir and Band,

I volunteered at Open Day

To give a helping hand.


One of the highlights of my year

Was the French Spelling Bee,

When I was proudly tied for first

On 12th of February.


Achievement points have come my way,

Hard work to signify,

I got the Student of the Week

And wore the special tie.


When lockdown came, my journey changed,

Home-learning was all go,

I studied thirty hours a week,

And did “PE with Joe”.


Joining critical worker school

Helped me plan my days,

I worked hard, and my badminton

Improved in lots of ways.


As I look back on Year 7

When so much was at stake,

I’m pleased my journey went so well,

But now glad for a break.


So much has happened since that day

I trembled at the gate,

This traveller who once was scared

Is ready for Year 8!


By Oliver Smart (with help from his mum!)