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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

Senior Maths Challenge - Autumn 2020

On the 16 October 2020, a number of our A Level Mathematics students from both Years 12 and 13 sat this year’s UKMT Senior Maths Challenge, as organised by the Mathematics Faculty at Leeds University.

The three different challenges (Junior, Intermediate and Senior) have been running for many years and several thousand students across the country and beyond, now participate in each of them every year.

It is, however, only the very best young mathematicians in the UK who are chosen to be a part of this prestigious competition.

We received the results a few weeks ago and the following students were awarded certificates this time:

Jack Eaton and Evie Swatton – Bronze certificates;

Freddie Lowes – Bronze and Best in Year 12 certificates;

Carla Werrell – Bronze and Best in School certificates.

Very well done to those students.

You may wish to try the following problem, which was question 6 on this year’s Senior Challenge paper:

6.  There are fewer than 30 students in an A Level Maths. class. Half of them play the piano, one quarter play hockey and one seventh are in the school play.  How many play hockey?

  1.   3             B.   4            C.   5              D.   6               E.    7

    The answer can be found by clicking this link