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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

Finance Futures Day

The Finance Futures day gave us students such a great insight into the money matters that we would have to deal with after leaving school.

A portion of the day involved learning about student loans, the types involved, and what criteria would be needed to qualify.  This provided me with greater confidence when considering how to fund and fulfil my next steps.  We gained an understanding of the costs associated with student loans in addition to how repayments worked.  The importance of budgeting was made clear to us all, and we learnt how to create a budget to avoid entering a debt spiral.  

Another factor for many of our next steps after finishing school involves our living arrangements.  We were made aware of how to find flat listings as well as the different contracts with landlords that can be arranged.  A detailed look further into the future was also covered during this day.  We were informed of and practised calculating income tax as well as grasping the concept of national insurance.  During the final segment, we were taught about the benefit and dangers of using credit cards.  

This day was a great opportunity for us all to made aware of the financial responsibility we will soon face and how most appropriately to tackle this.

Aaron Absalom