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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

Junior Mathematical Challenge 2021

Several of our Years 7 and 8 students recently took part in the Junior Mathematical Challenge (JMC) 2021, which is organised by UKMT ( United Kingdom Mathematics Trust ), based in The Mathematics Faculty at Leeds University.

Thousands of schools nationwide now enter students for three different challenges (senior, junior and intermediate), which each take place once a year.

The questions are designed to challenge the most able young mathematicians in the UK and just being chosen to participate should be seen as an achievement in itself, given the levels of difficulty involved.

Many HGSS students were awarded bronze or silver certificates, as follows:


Lizzy Briggs, Finley Peck, Oliver Smart, Jake Smith and Erin Vojkovic,


Zoe Croucher, Emmeline Davis, Toby Frewin, Abdul Hamid, Harry Ketley, Muhammad Khan, Rose Longmore, Luke Maloney, Kai Radmore, Jess Seedel-Tripp, Matthew Timberlake, Daniel Baldwin, Maryam Bidegain, Annabel Coles, Daisy Hammond, Sophia Hunter and Hajra Rashid.

Finley Peck achieved the highest score overall and so was also awarded the ‘Best In School’ certificate.

Huge congratulations to all students who were involved.  The photos show some of the students who received certificates.

A sample question from the paper is set out below:

23. Four different positive integers p, q, r and s satisfy the equation

     (9-p)(9-q)(9-r)(9-s) = 9.  What is the value of p + q + r + s ?

  1. 20       B.  24     C.  28     D.  32     E.  36


(the correct answer can be found in the attachment - no peeking!).