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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

Gold Duke of Edinburgh Training Day

During the training day, we learnt how to perform basic first aid in case of any accidents during the expedition. This means that we know the proper procedure to follow if someone in our group gets injured, or ill. We then went through meal plans for the duration of the expedition, which helped us to plan what each person is responsible for bringing.

Next, we were reminded of how to safely setup, and use the gas stoves, for example not to stand them on grass; and instead to find an area with no grass to cook on.

Throughout the afternoon, we planned our routes for the 5-day expedition in July. This included finding the campsites and plotting our routes for individual days. This helped remind us all how to find specific places on maps, using 6 figure grid references. In addition, we created route cards. These include the distance of the days walk, how long it will take to complete, multiple checkpoints and escape routes for each section.

Overall it was very useful as preparation for the expedition, because it reminded us of basic health and safety, as well as how to read and understand a map.

Written by one of our D of E ambassadors