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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

Freedom during lockdown

We might have been under strict guidelines to stay at home, but there are aspects of our natural world which have had less restrictions set in place and have been sharing more of themselves with us over recent weeks.

Photography students have found this second lockdown particularly limiting due to the lack of photographic opportunities, with no access to unique locations or appropriate subjects.  As their teacher I tried to set work that was accessible and offered an opportunity for creative participation. Many of my students took up this challenge and achieved some striking outcomes.  One of these students was Daisy  in Year 10.  She was able to utilise the cold weather, the snow and ice to her advantage.  She has taken a series of images to uncover nature in the form of these beautiful snippets into the amazing wildlife surrounding us.  The photographs are really sweet and suggest a response from the robin, in appreciation of his tasty treats in these difficult times.  Well done Daisy!

Mrs Victoria Walden, Head of Photography.