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Holmer Green Senior School

Ski Trip to Austria - February 2017

Catch up with the latest news from the Ski Trip to Austria

Update 17th February

Thursday - Ski Safari, the Ziller Valley is a huge ski area allowing us to travel to different ski slopes miles away without needing a coach; today the advanced and intermediates did just this and skied across to Kaltenbach which has some fantastic views and new slopes and challenges to explore. The beginner two groups went higher again reaching the top of the mountain and the lower beginners tackling red slopes for the first time. Pizza evening in the valley was fun with excellent food and some well deserved downtime. Looking forward to the last days skiing but disappointed that it has flown by so quickly!

Update 16th February

The good weather continued as did the skiing successes. The beginners continue to go higher and higher up the mountain, attempting more challenging slopes - and loving it by the sounds of their laughter and screams that can be heard all over the valley. The intermediate and advanced moved to a different side of the mountains in preparation for a ski tour which will take us across several mountains to another resort. Bowling and an impromptu HGSS talent competition kept us all laughing for most of the evening.

Update 15th February

Tuesday - again some excellent conditions. Advanced and intermediate groups really progressing well up the mountain and completing some challenging routes. Both beginner groups are developing fast under the ski schools' tuition and moving higher up the mountain on the blue runs directly in front of the hotel. Bowling for half of the group was competitive and highly entertaining. Much fun had by all throughout the day!

Update 11th February

Arrived safely about 6.30 English time. Major traffic on M25 - missed crossing and couldn't get on another until 01.15, so all delayed. Still ready for the slopes tomorrow!

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