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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

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For our Prospectus for 2020:

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Applications for 2020/21 have now closed. 


Key Dates:

5 December 2019 - Online Course Enquiry Form goes live.

31 January 2020 - Deadline for application to Sixth Form

February/March 2020 - Sixth Form guidance discussions commence.  On arrival please go to Reception. We would kindly ask if newcomers to HGSS could bring along their latest report showing their most recent forecast grades.

Conditional offers of Sixth Form places to be made before Easter 2020

July 2020 - Sixth Form Induction        

It is essential that students attend our Induction Days, which are a crucial introduction to the start of their Post-16 career.

Please see below for application guidelines.

Entry into Year 12

1.  No student will be admitted to the school post-16 unless academic requirements, as set out in our Prospectus, have been met and there are places available on chosen courses.

2.  In the event of the number of such applicants from outside HGSS exceeding our capacity, preference will be given to those best suited academically to their chosen courses, using forecast GCSE grades as the indicator. The offer is made subject to applicants achieving the grades required for their chosen courses.

3.  Applications received after the deadline given in the Prospectus will only be considered if space becomes available on the chosen courses.

4.  Where applications are initially unsuccessful, we encourage students to re-apply in the light of their actual examination results. If spaces become available on the chosen courses, we may be able to offer places to these students.

5.  Where there are extenuating circumstances, the Headteacher's judgement on whether a student's application is successful or not is final. In the case of students not offered a place, we would encourage them to send their results on Results Day.

If places become available they will be contacted. In the case of students applying or reapplying for Year 12, they will not be admitted unless:

1.  There are exceptional personal circumstances.

2.  They are restarting on new courses and there are places after current Year 12 admissions are complete.

 Entry into Year 13

1.  Students who have met their target grade will automatically progress into Year 13.

2.  Where there are concerns regarding the students’ attendance and/or behaviour during Year 12, progression is not automatic.

3.  Overall decisions on whether students can progress into Year 13 will be made by the Headteacher.


1.  As required by law, the Governors have established an independent Committee to hear appeals against a refusal to admit.

2.  Subject information contained in this Prospectus is correct at the time of printing.

3.  HGSS reserves the right to withdraw a subject(s) if take-up numbers make running the class unfeasible.