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Business Studies - A Level

As a department we encourage students to achieve their potential through an engaging curriculum. Our vision is to develop real world, enterprising, and employability skills for tomorrow's leaders and to prepare our students for an ever changing and challenging business environment. We believe students values and enthusiasm is as important as the skills and knowledge they develop, therefore we have carefully selected a curriculum which interests and challenges our students by applying their learning to real business organisations and real-time business news. We provide an environment for all students to be entrepreneurial, independent learners, confident presenters and strong team players with a sound understanding of the world in which they live.

Our lessons are designed to inspire and challenge our students to value diversity, be open- minded, develop teamwork skills, take risks and develop their financial awareness. We are passionate about students developing their entrepreneurial skills and their understanding of the world that we live in.

Course content

Year 12

Theme 1: Marketing and people

Meeting customer needs, the market, marketing mix and strategy, managing people, entrepreneurs and leaders.

Theme 2: Managing Business activities

Raising finance, financial planning, managing finance, resource management, external influences.

Year 13

Theme 3: Business decisions and strategy

Business objectives and strategy, business growth, decision-making techniques, influences on business decisions, assessing competitiveness, managing change

Theme 4: Global business

Globalisation, global markets and business expansion, global marketing

Global industries and companies


Exam Board: Edexcel

Paper 1: Marketing, people and global businesses 35% of the total qualification. 

Paper 1 will assess marketing, people and global businesses. Questions will be drawn from Themes 1 and 4, and from local, national and global contexts.

Paper 2: Business activities, decisions and strategy

35% of the total qualification.  Paper 2 will assess business finance and operations, business decisions and strategy. Questions will be drawn from Themes 2 and 3, and from local, national and global contexts.

Paper 3: Investigating business in a competitive environment

30% of total qualification. Questions will be drawn from local, national and global contexts. Sections A and B each comprise one data response question broken down into a number of parts, including one extended open-response question.

Head of subject: Mrs Sabharwal

Entry Requirements

English, Maths and Business at GCSE grade 6 and above

Are you interested in: How businesses operate, Marketing strategies of companies, understanding finances, understanding the fundamentals of setting up and running a business?

Leading to a career in: Accountant, HRM manager, Marketing manager, Logistics director, Entrepreneur, retail, HR and banking

This subject goes well with: Economics, Maths, Psychology, ICT

Student views

“It’s a subject which is beneficial for future life as it helps with skills and gives ideas about applications of business techniques.”