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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

Design and Technology: Product Design - A Level

We always set bridging projects for Yr11’s to work through to prepare them for their A Levels in September. The work would normally be expected to be started through the summer holidays after your exams finish. Due to the unusual circumstances you can start this work now during your D&T lesson time but it would also be useful to continue through the summer holidays so that you are prepared for September.

Capturing and Developing Design Ideas

Capturing and communicating your thoughts and ideas through sketches, drawings and notes will be one key to your success next year. Practise these techniques by getting in a habit of carrying a sketchbook and a phone around with you. Sketch and record the many problems and creative solutions you see and think about over the following months.

Task 1: Sketching

In September, We would like you to present a sketchbook full of sketches, notes & possibly photographs of things or products or problems you have seen. There are no rules on what to include, it just needs to show progression in your sketching skills over time and an interest in the world around you. Have fun with it!

Things you could include:

  • Interesting everyday items that you see.
  • Notes of potential problems and needs you have encountered.
  • Interesting solutions / design ideas to the problems you have identified. These can be existing ideas or your own designs.
  • Photographs, magazine, internet clippings to aid inspiration and contexts for your sketches.
  • A broad range of media such as pencils, pens, marker pens, charcoal, pastels etc. Whatever you have at home.
  • Doodles or quick sketches to get ideas down quickly.
  • 2D and 3D sketches in perspective, isometric, orthographic and exploded drawings.
  • Annotation of main sketches. Clarifying key points and ideas and adding questions and issues that may still need to be addressed e.g. materials and manufacturing methods.
  • Rendering in colour of important ideas. Can you show the type of material, texture and finish that might be used?

Use websites such as YouTube to understand how you can develop your graphical skills and make notes of key points.

Here are a few links to get you started but feel free to find and use your own.

Task 2: Utilising your phone

Use your phone to record interesting designs or problems you have encountered. You can store these in your phone or print them to add them to your sketch book.

Task 3: Developing CAD skills

Being able to use a CAD package well is going to be hugely beneficial to you next year. I would like you to use this time to develop these skills.
Create an account in OnShape. See attached instructions on how to do this.

Once you have an account look at the You tube video below which will show you how to change the units to mm. Change yours on a whole account level as shown.

Next work your way through the tutorials starting with this one below. Once you have completed this it automatically takes you to the next one in the series. Although these tutorials work in inches keep your account in mm and just type ‘in’ after each dimension as shown in the tutorial.

Work through the beginner tutorials 1 – 5

Then there are more advanced tutorials here

Choose the one for loft, sweep & revolve

There are more tutorials below which have lots of projects which you could work through.

Lastly, try creating your own drawings to add to your sketch book. Any questions about any of this please email me.