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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School


Head of Geography:  Miss C Lewin

Teacher of Geography: Mr A Wooller (Assistant Headteacher)

Teacher of Geography: Mr R Stockton

Teacher of Geography: Miss L Quinn

Geography at HGSS is an incredibly successful subject area with lessons being delivered by three dedicated, enthusiastic and dynamic members of staff who all have the following three common aims for the delivery of the subject from Year 7-13:

Geography at HGSS should allow all students to…

  • appreciate and understand the interrelations between the human and physical environments. 
  • appreciate how personal decisions impact the global context. 
  • construct a portfolio of geographical skills
  • develop critical thinking skills
  • ask pertinent questions
  • progress beyond aspirational targets

Students are taught a mixture of traditional and more contemporary Geography.  Every student also has the opportunity to take part in fieldwork based tasks and develop a range of ICT, map, graphical and literacy skills.

‘Geography’ as a subject can be linked to every single aspect of everyday life, and as such means it is incredibly relevant for all students.  Ask yourself the following questions and you will soon work out that the answers link directly to at least one strand of Geographical study:

  • Where does my food come from?
  • Why can I now play games online with people in other countries?
  • How did I help cause the flooding in my local area?
  • How can my decisions impact people in other countries?

For information on subject trips please visit the Trips page