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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

Geography - A Level

The new A Level specification will excite students’ minds, challenge perceptions and stimulate their investigative and analytical skills. Whilst new units have been added to reflect the world today, you’ll see it’s retained themes linked to many of the topics you enjoyed and studied at GCSE, including Hazards and Urban Development.

The course has been designed to include up to date case studies and debate topics in the UK and in the wider world. Content enables students to learn both Physical and Human topics consecutively to progress through the course and mean that both elements can be assessed equally across the 2 years of study. All of this will help you to become a true ‘Geographer’ and gain the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm sought by higher education and employers in the future.

Course Content

Year 12

  • Human Geography
  • Changing Places and Contemporary Urban Environments
  • Physical Geography
  • Water and Carbon Cycles and Coasts
  • NEA
  • Planning, introduction and methods

Year 13

  • Human Geography
  • Global Systems and Governance
  • Physical Geography
  • Hazards
  • NEA
  • Data collection, write up and final submission


 Exam Board: AQA

Paper 1

Section A: Water and Carbon Cycles

Section B: Coastal Systems

Section C: Hazards

Written exam: 2 hours 30 minutes, 120 marks, 40% of A-Level

Paper 2

Section A: Global Systems and Governance

Section B: Changing Places

Section  C: Contemporary Urban Environments

Written exam: 2 hours 30 minutes, 120 marks, 40% of A-Level

NEA: 3000-4000 word independent investigation, 60 marks, 20% of A-Level

Head of subject: Miss C Lewin

Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in GCSE Geography, 5 in Maths, 5 in English Lit or Lang

Are you interested in: Globalisation, Governments, Development, Coasts, Tectonic Hazards, Identity and Place?

Leading to a career in: Environmental management, Urban Planning, Engineering, Teaching, Global Relations, Tourism, Politics

This subject goes well with: Sciences, Psychology, Business, History, Politics, Maths, Technology

Student views

"Geography has made me think about global issues and people’s lived experiences in a way that has really opened my eyes to the world around us, I have started to think so much more about our role as the next generation."