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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

Head Students

Head Student - Sally Grimm

Subjects Studied:  Maths, Biology, Geography and BTEC Sport

Hobbies: football, cooking and art

Enrichment Activities: Throughout my time at HGSS I have taken part in as many opportunities as possible. These include doing both Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh, becoming a year 11 prefect and Sports Leader, and going abroad on school trips. I really enjoyed doing the Sports Leader course not only because it is a great qualification, but because it helped strengthen my confidence and leadership skills. The adaptability I used to complete the course has also helped me in numerous situations outside of school.

Post Sixth Form Aspirations: I hope to study a Sports Science Degree at University, including a placement year abroad

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: Sixth Form is a great place to become more independent and continuously challenge yourself. Studying subjects that intrigue you in an environment that helps you grow is a great step up from the lower school.

Head Student - Emily Mason

Subjects Studied: Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Music 

Hobbies: playing and listening to music, reading 

Enrichment Activities: Throughout my time at Holmer Green I have been presented with an array of opportunities. I’ve completed my Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and am in the process of completing my Gold Award. I have also been a part of the school council numerous times over the years and in year 12 joined the sixth form management team as a year 12 representative. I am now a Head Student. Other amazing experiences trips that I have been on include two of the ski trips to Austria and multiple Woodrow trips. I am also a STEAM scholar, which has massively helped me with my future career aspirations. A part of this was completing a weekend long internship with AmbitionX, where I spoke to doctors and current medical students. My favourite part of this experience was the suturing lecture where I learnt how to do basic stitches. All of these enrichment opportunities have helped me gain confidence in working in a team and speaking publicly. 

Post Sixth Form aspirations: I would like to go to university and study medicine. From there, I would like to go on to be a doctor. 

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: I think our sixth form is a lovely community and the facilities provided are amazing. One thing I have particularly enjoyed is the independence and freedom that we are given in our sixth form as it gives hints of what life at university might be like. 

Head Student - Sam Richmond

Subjects studied: Maths, Biology and Chemistry

Hobbies: cricket, golf and going out with friends

Enrichment activities: The Sixth Form provides countless opportunities for us as students. Some of these I have taken part in are Duke of Edinburgh and Futures Day, where we met people in industries that interested us. Furthermore, every Wednesday is enrichment, there are many options for things to do, so there is something for everyone. It provides a good amount of time to relax and not have to focus on work, helping to maintain our work-life balance.

Post Sixth form Aspirations: I hope to do a biological science degree at university.

Thoughts on Sixth Form: I think the sixth form is an excellent learning environment where we are treated with respect and are given freedom to excel in our subject areas.

Head Student - William Thomson-Bray 

Subjects studied: Maths, English Literature, Business and EPQ

Hobbies: music and freeride biking

Enrichment activities: Throughout my time at Holmer Green I have been given the chance to take part in, and achieve many things. For example, I have completed my Gold DofE expedition in Wales as well as finishing my volunteering section in English and Business studies classrooms, helping to teach younger years so that they're ready for their exams. I also have an EPQ in business that further inspired my interests in the subject and led me to pursue the topic of E-Commerce more specifically.

Post Sixth Form Aspirations: I intend to study Business management at university and then possibly go on to follow a path of entrepreneurship.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: Holmer Green's Sixth-form has provided me an overwhelming amount of opportunities for my future. With such useful and comfortable facilities as well, studying is no hassle and learning is rather enjoyable!

Community Leader - Saqib Aslam

Subjects studied: BTEC ICT, BTEC Uniformed Protective Services, BTEC Applied Science, AS Maths In Context

Hobbies: football, cricket, pool

Enrichment activities: Throughout my time at Holmer Green, I have taken part in a lot of activities such as being in the football team for one WHOLE game! Also, I have tried my best to consider the community by making sure there is a designated prayer room each year which at times, was logistically hard to gain because classes moved around. My goal is to get a permanent prayer room for this school and to build a thriving community who will benefit from this room. Outside of school I volunteer at events with my masjid. 

Post Sixth Form Aspirations: When I leave this school I would like a permanent prayer room to be my legacy. The course I would like to do after Sixth Form is an electrician apprenticeship.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: This Sixth Form supports the development of a welcoming environment where students may study while also providing excellent possibilities for pupils to grow academically.

Charity & Enterprise Leader - Amina Hussain

Subject Studied: Business Studies, Sociology, BTEC Science

Hobbies: baking, travelling

Enrichment activities: Within school I give my time to being a MIND mentor. As a MIND mentor I help students in the younger years struggling with things like school and their mental health. To gain this role I completed training to make sure the service I deliver is to the best of standards.  

Post Sixth Form Aspirations: I would like to study something in the medical field at university and pursue a career in the medical industry. 

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: The staff here at HGSS really do want the best for you and will help you throughout your Sixth Form journey. The Sixth Form is supportive and provides lots of opportunities. 

School Council Leader- Joe Ball

Subjects studied: History, English Literature, Philosophy and Ethics

Hobbies: reading, travelling, video gaming

Enrichment activities: Over the course of my time at Holmer Green Senior school I have been provided many opportunities for exiting enrichment activities. I have been on multiple school excursions in my historical studies such as to Ypres and Berlin. I have participated in the school council for 3 years. I have also volunteered as a support assistant for younger years. All of these experiences have enriched my learning by teaching me valuable communication skills. The school provides many of these opportunities for all key stages.

Post Sixth Form Aspirations: I intend on moving on to university to study law

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: Excellent facilities provided to Sixth Former students and exceptional teachers. A friendly and personal learning experience.

New Student Ambassador - Ben Hickson

Subjects studied: Maths, Physics, BTEC Computing

Hobbies: football, Navy cadets and travelling

Enrichment activities: I joined Holmer Green school for 6th form and I have found the staff and students welcoming. There are many opportunities to be involved in the school community. I have taken the role of supporting students in the younger years in mathematics. I became form representative this gave me the opportunity to put across the thoughts and ideas from my form and to be a leader. Furthermore, I have taken part in the Duke of Edinburgh Gold. I have thoroughly enjoyed the enrichment afternoon on wednesdays where I have enjoyed playing football and being part of a team.

Post Sixth Form Aspirations: I intend to do a degree apprenticeship with the National Grid

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: Holmer Green has been a welcoming and enriching environment since I joined in year 12. I have been supported by passionate teachers guiding me throughout my subjects.

New Student Ambassador - Ellie Seedel-Tripp

Subjects Studied: Biology, Chemistry and Maths

Hobbies: music, running

Enrichment: Although I have only been in the school for a year, I have taken part in multiple enrichment activities including community service within the school assisting in KS3 maths lessons. Outside of school I have volunteered in veterinary clinics, learning the ins and outs of the vet profession.

Post Sixth Form Aspirations: I am hoping to take a gap year and complete 6 weeks in South Africa at an animal rehabilitation centre and then continue to do a veterinary science course.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: Since joining in year 12, Holmer Green has been a welcoming environment where I have been supported in my subjects, as well as experiencing the independence and freedom that comes with sixth form.

Cleric to the Leadership Team - Maria Kausar

Subjects studied: Art Textiles, Psychology, Product Design & EPQ

Hobbies: reading, table tennis

Enrichment activities: Within school I have taken part in many enrichment activities, for instance, creating a desk tidy and participating in community service where I have helped students who were struggling during lessons by providing assistance and giving advice. During year 12, I also completed the Brilliant Club programme in which I was required to write an essay about the relationship between leadership and culture.

Post Sixth Form Aspirations: After Sixth Form I would like to study architecture at university along with travelling around the world, to meet new people and discover different cultures.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: I think HGSS Sixth Form is very welcoming with exceptionally hardworking and supportive teachers who are always willing to help every step along the way. In addition to this there is an excellent brand-new working environment to help students achieve their best.

Associate Student Governor: Danny Aslam

Subjects Studied: English Literature, Psychology, Business and BTEC Sport 

Hobbies: wine tasting, yacht racing, stand-up comedy

Enrichment Activities: While being at Holmer Green School, I’ve done lots of activities during my enrichment sessions, including football, badminton, and karaoke (which was my favourite). I was also selected to be a part of the Brilliant Club to study leadership in cultures, in which I attained one of the highest grades achievable, and for the awards we were taken to Sussex University.

Post Sixth Form aspirations: I’m on the fence between university and an apprenticeship, however I’m leaning towards an apprenticeship in the civil service.

My views on the Sixth Form: It’s been great honestly, year 12 was the best year of my life and not because of just school, but the new friends I made when moving from my previous school to this school for Sixth Form. However, we are expected to work hard.

Associate Student Governor: Sara Yasin

Subjects studied: Maths, Chemistry, Biology

Hobbies: baking and Jiu Jitsu

Enrichment activities: During my time at HGSS I have got involved in as much as I can to give back to the school. In Year 11 I became a prefect and in Year 12 I joined the Student Leadership Team as a Year 12 representative. I am also a STEAM Scholar. I am now a subject mentor for Biology to help the new Year 12s, giving them tips on the subject. I have also taken part in Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver, which helped improve my communication skills.

Post Sixth Form aspirations: In the future I hope to go to university and study Dentistry.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: Holmer Green Sixth Form prepare us for university by giving us multiple spaces to study independently. The teachers at Holmer Green are very supportive and are always doing things which are in the best interest of the students.

Events Team Leader - Jess Morgan

Subjects studied: Business Studies, Maths, Geography

Hobbies: piano, baking, travelling

Enrichment activities: Over the years I have spent at HGSS, I have taken part in many opportunities such as Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold, been a netball team leader and have travelled to Italy and Austria as part of the Ski Trips, as well as Belgium for History. Since I joined in Year 7 until Year 11, I had been very involved in the music department; performing in school concerts, going on trips to Woodrow, performing for community events and participated in charity fundraisers with choir. More recently, I was a prefect and went on to become a Year 12 representative for the Student Management team.

Post Sixth Form aspirations: After I leave the school, I would like to go to university to study Geography BSc with Business Management.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: Holmer Green sixth form is a great environment with a strong community across Year 12 and 13. The staff are extremely supportive and willing to help students, they guide students through Sixth form and strongly prepare us for the future. It is a place where independence, maturity and confidence really develops

Events team - Abdullah Iqbal

Subjects studied: BTEC Computing, Maths, Physics

Hobbies: martial arts, reading

Enrichment activities: Throughout Sixth Form, I have been a Mind Mentor and DofE Ambassador to help the lower school in their mental health and completing their DofE. I took on these roles as I realised the extent to how important mental health was during lockdown. For DofE, as I have taken Bronze and now Gold. I wanted to give students in lower school the knowledge that I gained from doing both of these awards. Mind mentoring has taught me communication skills by learning to listen carefully to another person and knowing how to ask questions to deepen my knowledge of who they are and any issues they have. Typically, this leads them to understanding themselves better, or feel they are understood. The Ambassador position has allowed me to similarly practise communication by concisely describing and explaining any useful tips and tutorials for DofE. During the summer, I also completed the NCS where I had to take a leadership position during the volunteering week and keep up the team morale by leading through example.

Post Sixth Form aspirations: I plan to continue studying Computer Science to either study Computational Physics at a master’s level or enter data analytics or accounting.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: The Sixth Form as a whole is full of opportunities that allow you to develop yourself as a person. All Student Leader positions give students a chance to voice their opinion. And the opportunity of completing the DofE grants a qualification that tells any institution the student is a hard worker. Teachers and staff support each student to achieve their full potential by holding them accountable and informing them of all opportunities and how to attain them. The teachers do their best to make sure no-one feels lost.

Events Team - Lottie Tolley

Subjects studied: Sociology, Photography & BTEC Sport

Hobbies: football, running, travelling

Enrichment activities: Throughout my time at HGSS, I have embraced countless opportunities, including being a Sports Leader and participating in matches for the girls school football team. Another great prospect was the NFTS Film School trip in year 12 which provided a lot of information for the students. All of these areas have helped me become more confident, and to work well in a team based environment.

Post Sixth Form aspirations: I am hoping to attend university and take a degree in Sports, or Criminology.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: I find the Sixth Form to be an exciting difference from secondary school where you are treated with more respect and given flexibility to study subjects you are interested in and learn in a manner that suits you. I have been given a huge amount of opportunities by HGSS, all of which look great on our CVs. Additionally, I like how much more participatory the lessons are due to the smaller class sizes.

Events Team - James Williams

Subjects studied: BTEC IT, Psychology, AS Maths in Context & BTEC Applied Science

Hobbies: football, racing and cycling

Enrichment activities: Since arriving at HGSS in 2016, I have completed DofE Bronze, Silver and Gold. I am also subject mentor for IT and Maths in Context. Out of school, I have been working at a charity for the last 4 years - the Chinnor and Princes Risborough Steam Railway.

Post Sixth Form aspirations: An apprenticeship within motorsport

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: The Sixth Form environment offers vital support to its students.
















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