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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School


How to join LinkedIn

We recommend you have a LinkedIn profile whether you are entering the job market or going to university because:

  1. LinkedIn helps you establish an online presence
  2. LinkedIn supplements (or even replaces) your CV. And by keeping all your career and educational qualifications up to date on here this will stay with you even when you change address and emails.
  3. You can use LinkedIn to apply directly for jobs
  4. LinkedIn lets you research prospective employers and find out about their business and current news activity
  5. LinkedIn helps you connect with alumni from Holmer Green Senior School and future education establishments you may attend. Basically it’s a great way to connect and stay in touch with your peers from school professionally rather than on a social network.

How to set yourself up

  1. Go to
  2. Click on [Join Now]. Students should do this at home using a personal e-mail address (there's no point signing up to LinkedIn with your Holmer 365 e-mail as you will not be able to continue to use this address when you have left school).

Enter your personal email address and create a password.

LinkedIn profile

These hyperlinks will help you create a great profile:

Manage your security settings

It is important that you follow the attached advice regarding your security settings:

Link with HGSS

We would love you to stay in touch with us so we can follow your future successes! The school LinkedIn site is

In the Education section – start typing ‘Holmer Green Senior School’ and then select HGSS when you see the logo appear. Once you have set up a profile add the school to your profile.

Join HGSS Alumni and follow our news.  This will enable you to keep in contact with the Class of 2020, your teachers and past students.  Networking with past HGSS students may help you when you are trying to arrange work experience / enter the job market.