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Holmer Green Senior School

Pastoral Support

The Pastoral Team is made up of:

Mr A Sharp - Pastoral Leader

Mrs K Terry - Pastoral Manager for Key Stage 3

Mrs J Cox - Pastoral Manager for Key Stage 4

MS S Goodgame - Inclusion Manager / Pastoral Administrator

They work with the Heads of Year, Pastoral Leader and Assistant Headteachers so that students in their area have support for their emotional and behavioural needs. 

Heads of Years:

Year 7 - Mr K McMaster

Year 8 - Miss J Sexton

Year 9 - Mrs J Scatley

Year 10 - Miss G McShane

Year 11 - Mr J Callender

They liaise with staff, students and parents in order to enhance the learning of every child and encourage a positive set of work and social ethics throughout the school.

They also work closely with a multitude of outside agencies to develop the best possible solutions for any problems that a student my encounter either internally or externally of the school.


Please see documents below:

SMSC Policy

SMSC Statement

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