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Politics - A Level

Politics is as pervasive in society as the air we breath. A qualification in Politics is studying the fundamentals of human nature, how we relate to each other, and how societies have been built and evolved over time.

You will gain an appreciation of how current affairs, local and global developments have an impact on our every day lives. This prepares your for many forms of employment and future study, as you will gain analytical and practical skills, including the ability to conduct academic research, data analysis and the opportunity to improve your oral and written communication. Politics is often seen as being the art of negotiation and persuasion – and you will definitely hone these skills during this course!

Course Content

Year 12

Year 12 is dedicated to understanding UK Government and Politics. In order to do this, we will be investigating the history of democracy and current participation levels in Politics, ranging from public engagement in elections at all levels to engagement with protests. Students will study the main and minor political parties in the UK, and the role of the media in politics. Further topics include the UK constitution, and the powers of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government. Additionally, we explore the political ideologies of Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism and Anarchism, interpreting the works of Key Thinkers such as John Locke, Thomas Hobbes and Karl Marx.

Year 13

In Year 13, we apply what has been learnt in Year 12 and compare to the US system of government. We compare the powers of the Prime Minister to the Powers of the President, the UK and US constitutions, electoral systems and political parties and the role of the Supreme Courts in both countries. Revision is therefore naturally embedded into this process through the comparative nature of this course.


  Exam Board: Edexcel

Paper 1: UK Politics and Core Ideologies

2 hour written exam containing a mixture of essay and source questions.

84 marks worth 33% of the A-level

Paper 2: UK Government and Non-Core Ideologies (Anarchism)

2 hour written exam containing short and ling essay question

84 marks worth 33% of the A-level

Paper 3: Comparative Politics US option

2 hour written exam containing a mixture of essay and source questions.

84 marks worth 33% of the A-level

Head of subject : Miss K Harrison

Entry Requirements

6 in English Language

6 in English Literature

6 in History if taken

Are you interested in: Understanding current affairs; learning more about how the world works; formulating an opinion and; debating your ideas?

Leading to a career in: Business, Charity work, Journalism / Media, Law, Politics, Public Services, Teaching

This subject goes well with: Business, Economics, English, Geography, Politics, RS