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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

Sixth Form Induction Day

Welcome to our Sixth Form Induction Days 2021

Unfortunately, once again this year, our plans have had to be adjusted and we are not able to welcome our external candidates into school.

We are still, however, hoping to provide both new and continuing students with an opportunity to try out their subjects to be sure that they have made choices that will allow them every success and happiness during their time with us.  We hope that this year’s Induction still offers students a chance to form an impression of what Sixth Form life will be like at HGSS, adapt to the grown-up ethos of our Sixth Form and to experience all that our extra-curricular provision has to offer.

Students new to the school have been invited to take-part in a series of activities on-line and are also being invited to join us on Teams so they can still feel part of HGSS lessons and gain a sense of what A level and Btec lessons will be like.

We have been able to invite HGSS students into school where they will attend seminars designed to prepare them for the new way of working and studying in the Sixth Form, learn about the opportunities we provide beyond the Curriculum for their enjoyment and to make them competitive and provoke thought about their futures. Internal students will be able to attend Taster lessons for their subjects, while external students will experience the same lessons, in the majority of cases, on Teams.

In addition, students will have access to Subject based YouTube links in the Sixth Form section of our school website. These lessons have been recorded by subject specialists and are representative of the quality of lessons in Year 12 and will give you a taster of the content studied. The power of this Virtual Induction is that students can try out alternative subjects, so that they can make a really informed choice when choosing their subject combination.

All students will be expected to complete Bridging work / Transition projects set by our subject teachers; these have also been added to our website in This work will be spoken about during their lessons (virtual and in-school) and are designed to support their transition to KS5 study and will need to be handed in, in full, in students’ first lesson in September.

Whilst we want students to work hard and enjoy their lessons, our Sixth Form also offers a broad range of wider academic, enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities. To give students an insight into these opportunities, there will also be a presentation to give students something to think about beyond the classroom.

We look forward to warmly welcoming all of our students.