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Sociology gives anyone with an interest in social issues, social justice, and current affairs the opportunity to gain a valuable understanding and insight into how society works. You are encouraged to think critically and analytically, and to make informed judgments and arguments based on evidence and theories.

The study of Sociology provides a valuable insight into social factors such as race, ethnicity, gender, age, education and social class and how they affect society and life chances. You will develop an increased awareness and understanding of the world you live in and role you play in it.

Course Content

 Year 12

  • Introducing socialisation, culture and identity
  • Families and relationships
  • Research methods
  • Researching social inequalities
  • Understanding social inequalities

 Year 13

  • Globalisation and the digital social world
  • Debates explored through a detailed study of crime and deviance


Exam Board: OCR

The A Level in Sociology is a linear qualification with 100% external assessment. This qualification consists of three examined components.

Paper 1: Socialisation, culture and identity, 1 hour 30 minutes written paper (30% of grade)

Paper 2: Researching and understanding social inequalities, 2 hours 15 minutes written paper (35% of grade)

Paper 3: Debates in contemporary society, 2 hours 15 minutes written paper (35% of grade)

Head of subject: Ms S Lary

Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in English Language and 5 in Maths

Are you interested in: The impact of digital forms of communication on social relations; Inequality in society; Patterns and trends in relation to social class; Critical theories such as Feminism and Marxism?

Leading to a career in: Politics, Criminal Justice, Business, Education

This subject goes well with: English, Psychology, History